• Introducing Swarm Masternodes

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  • Why run a masternode?

    Earn rewards for
    maintaining the Swarm network
    and voting on its future.

  • Block Rewards

    Earn SWM for validating transactions

    • 10 million SWM token Reward Pool
    • 2.5M initial annual pool, reducing by 25% each year, for 100 years
    • Distributed over blocks and eligible nodes per year

    Market Development Fund Rewards*

    Help deploy funds on Swarm and be rewarded

    • An additional total budget of 10 million SWM tokens are provided alongside the block rewards to be deployed by node operators
    • Votes on fund deployment held monthly
    • Invested into Swarm Investment Opportunities
    • Node operators share 30% of the profits

    * This proposal is subject to further structuring and legal/regulatory clearance


    To get more details go to the Swarm Masternode FAQs, or Swarm blog and announcements.

  • How To Run A MasterNode



    Stake 50,000 SWM
    tokens in an ERC20 wallet. Only one masternode can be staked per wallet. Use multiple wallets for multiple masternodes.


    Activate Wallet

    Activate your staked wallet and signal your intent to run a masternode.

    Click here for instructions.



    Run the Swarm masternode software - on your own hardware, or AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. (Setup instructions coming soon)



    Stay up to date with Swarm hardware and software requirements



    Earn rewards and help govern the Market Development Fund

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