• Frequently Asked Questions

    about SWARM Masternodes

  • What is a masternode?

    A masternode is a compute resource that meets the minimum technical and network requirements to run the SWARM core software and validate transactions. As the network grows over time, masternodes will also provide resources for other data services relevant to the network.

    What are the requirements for running a SWARM Masternode?

    In order to activate a node as a SWARM Masternode, operators are required to stake 50,000 SWM tokens. The masternode begins earning rewards 15 days after staking and activation. SWARM Masternodes are required to run the latest release software version in order to receive rewards. See our complete setup guide for instructions, commands and configurations required to run a SWARM Masternode.

    Where do awards come from?

    The SWARM Foundation has set aside 10 million SWM tokens as rewards for masternodes maintaining the network.

    How many SWM tokens do I need to be able to run a SWARM Masternode?

    In order to be eligible to participate in rewards, you need to have 50,000 SWM tokens in a wallet which then gets referenced in the configurations of the SWARM Masternode. Further restrictions may apply (see below).

    Can I just run a node and earn rewards without staking? Why do I have to stake 50,000 SWM to run a masternode?

    Staking is required to ensure that masternode operators have “skin in the game”, and incentivizes operators to keep their masternodes active. Staking also signals a serious investment in the infrastructure SWARM is building and a commitment to maintain the network.

    How many wallets do I need to run X nodes?

    You need one wallet per node stake. Each wallet should have the 50,000 SWM stake necessary per node. To stake 5 nodes, register 5 different wallets, each containing 50,000 SWM.

    What's the MDF?

    Market Development Fund (MDF) Rewards is a proposal that masternode operators help deploy funds on SWARM and earn rewards for doing so. This proposal is subject to further structuring and legal/regulatory clearance. We are working hard with regulatory and legal experts to deliver this in a compliant form. We look forward to updating you as MDF progresses.

    Where can I buy SWM tokens to stake for a SWARM Masternode?

    SWM is available in a number of marketplaces. Learn more about the SWM token here.

    Am I allowed to run a SWARM Masternode as a US person?

    Yes, anyone can run a masternode. Rewards are available to any eligible masternode operator with no restrictions.

    I'm in. Where do I begin?

    Start with our complete guide to setting up your own masternode. Once you're all set, register (and name) your node. Join the SWARM Masternode group on Telegram to connect with other masternode operators and to get help if needed.